Eva Mendes was photographed at LAX this weekend. She doesn’t look any different to me. But according to the Daily Mail she told TSA officials that she didn’t want to go to through the body scan at security because she’s pregnant. I don’t know where the Mail is getting this. They don’t cite a source and they only refer to the story as a “reportedly” without telling us the origin of the “reportedly”.


I hope so.

And I especially hope that it’s Ryan Gosling’s. Because an internet fan meltdown is always fun to watch. And also because it’d be a fun f-ck you from her to those who mysteriously have never accepted their relationship, if indeed there still is one. Are they? Aren’t they? The claims that they were over seemed to be based only on the fact that they’d not been photographed together in a while. He hasn’t been photographed in a long, long while. Ryan Gosling has gone underground. Will he be a belly-cupper when he resurfaces?