The Ides of March is in London today. Press conference with George Clooney, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Evan Rachel Wood who looks f-cking AMAZING in a Peter Pan collar, long ago recommended by Sasha as a “must” for Autumn - click here if you missed her Fall Essentials article.

Evan is on a streak, non?

A really, really great streak. Getting better and better, since she cut her hair, yes, but even before. When it was finally done with Manson is the obvious conclusion, sure, although that may have been part of an overall decision to be what she is: a girl in her 20s who is allowed some lightness in her life. Eventually they should grow out of the black t-shirt and Nietzsche, see? When I talked to her at TIFF, she was nice, a little silly, immature, impatient, and really fun to be around. Right now I like her so much.