I’ve been saving this one since Wednesday. Friday afternoon is the perfect time. My favourite photos of the week.

It’s Evgeni Malkin and his girlfriend Oksana in Miami.

My husband, as I’ve told you he’s a guy’s guy. Ball scratching, sports watching, boob loving, guy’s guy. Like if he’s in a bad mood and I lift up my shirt, the world instantly improves. You know what I mean.

And he does this thing when he decides to be extra immature. If I’m wearing a tank top, or a dress that shows some cleave, he’ll say to me: is your name Oksana Tits-a-lot? Hello Oksana Tits-a-lot! This in an Austin Powers delivery. And then he starts laughing uncontrollably, like it’s the funniest joke ever while I roll my eyes and ask myself why I married a straight man.

Anyway, as you can see, Malkin has himself an Oksana Tits-a-lot.

And while I won’t bust you, I know you’re out there. I’ve read your emails. I know he does it for you even though he’s a mouth breather. So I don’t want to hear it about Eminem. Right?

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com