Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast rounded out its cast this week, getting ready to shoot later this year. Emma Watson is already on board as Belle, and Dan Stevens and Luke Evans join her as the Beast and Gaston, respectively. The cast is actually really interesting—Ian McKellan (Cogsworth), Emma Thompson (Mrs. Potts), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Plumette), and Audra McDonald (Garderobe) also star. That’s a hell of an ensemble already, and now they’re adding Stanley Tucci as a brand-new character, and Ewan McGregor as saucy candelabra Lumiere. I LOVE this so much. I was madly in love with McGregor in Moulin Rouge, and I think Beauty and the Beast is a musical, too, which means that McGregor will sing the best song in the whole movie, maybe even the world—Be Our Guest.

I don’t like musicals and even I think that song is f*cking magical. Of all the live action fairytale stuff going on right now, this project is by far the most interesting. That cast is hella intriguing, and I love it when Ewan McGregor sings. I’ll especially love it when he’s singing the one show tune in history to not annoy me.

(Lainey: God. When he sang Your Song? Every time I watch this scene, I feel like having sex with myself quite vigorously.)

Ewan McGregor - Your Song with Lyrics from Moulin Rouge - HD/HQ from Storage Space on Vimeo.