Alexander Skarsgard was photographed yesterday leaving a restaurant and hugging a woman goodbye. She looks like Alicia Vikander, with whom I saw him at Comic-Con a couple of years ago. Click here for a refresher. And click here for the pictures.

Star Magazine and The National Enquirer reported a couple of months ago that Alex and Alicia were in love. It’s, ahem, not the best source.

What’s interesting though is that I’ve heard exclusively from three separate sources that Alex was sighted in Namibia recently. Who’s in Namibia? Well... Charlize Theron has been shooting the Mad Max movie in Namibia. And I’m told that she and Alex were seen out for dinner one night, and walking around together another day. None of my sources were able to confirm in there was any PDA but they say that the two seemed really into each other and were talking closely. Alex was not spotted on set with her, and if he was there, he kept a very, very low profile.

US Weekly reported that Charlize and Alex were “casually dating” in April. Three months after that, the magazine reported that Alex was hooking up with Anne V. Perhaps he went all the way to Namibia to see a friend. Or... perhaps he’s been keeping his options open...and then realised that when Charlize Theron’s part of the conversation, how can there be any other options?