Evan Rachel Wood and Alexander Skarsgard are dating.

Am told exclusively by an infallible source that it’s been several weeks now. And that she flew to Shreveport, Louisiana on Friday to visit him. Skarsgard is there working on Straw Dogs with Kate Bosworth. Smart Evan. Kate has a way of throwing herself inappropriately at other people’s boyfriends. See Jim Sturgess.

As for Evan and Alex – they met, of course, on the set of True Blood, and were able to keep it low key, very underground while they were in LA, never venturing out to pap friendly locations, only sighted a few times discreetly, and so far the relationship is progressing well, they’re having fun together.

What happened with Shane West?

Came and went. Two individuals going in different directions. Shane is idling. This is not attractive in the end. Believe me I know. I’ve dated my share of losers.

And Alexander Skarsgard is not a loser.

Oh ladies. Don’t hate. And stop with The Swears. Let the Twi-Hards own the market on the crazy. True Blood fans are much more sane?

File photos from Wenn.com