My friend Amy D, a big country music fan, emailed me last night during the Grammys.

OMG what happened to Faith Hill?!?

My response: Face or Body. She’s choosing Body.

In the choice not to have a big ass, sometimes, unless you’re Halle Berry, you sacrifice your face. This, I imagine, is why fillers became so popular. It’s a way to cheat the Face or Body system, I suppose. Because as we age, we lose fat and moisture in our faces. Look at Jennifer Lawrence. That’s the peak of it, right there. And that’s what they’re constantly trying to recreate: 22.

To Faith’s credit, in choosing Body over Face, at least she hasn’t yet picked up the Nicole Kidman method.

As for the braces, I wrote about them already back in November -- click here for a refresher. Understandably, she seems pretty conscious of them. And the constant awareness of having them rub up on the inside of her mouth, and the suck and pout motion she keeps repeating, as she’s wearing her hair up, probably makes everything seem more pronounced. But Video Assumption their interview here with Seacrest on the carpet. Why is my smutty sense tingling?