That stripper who claims she had a fling with Josh Duhamel in Atlanta…he’s denying the allegations but now Us Weekly reports she saved her text messages. See now I believe the text messages more than I believe a lie detector test. And she passed one of those too. Always save the texts. It’s always the texts and emails. I’ve heard of so many busted cheaters from texts and emails.

Josh insists that he’s been smeared, and apparently Fergie is supporting him. She’s currently in Atlanta per the asslicking, and they went on a date, and she doesn’t believe he’s betrayed her. But more and more of them are emerging. Ladies he loved on location, women coming forward with a similar story.

As for how this all leaked…

Supposedly Josh was shooting his mouth off about it on set, boasting about the infidelity, and someone sold him out. More details, click here.

So is Josh Duhamel a philanderer? I believe it. She has a way bigger profile than he does. And he’s Shia LaBeouf’s bodyguard. Compensating.