First shots of Louis Tomlinson since news broke earlier this week that he and one of the girls he was hooking up with in May are expecting a baby. Briana Jungwirth has apparently left her home temporarily to get away from the glare. As you know now, Louis and Briana went on a few dates. Which is not the same as dating. It means they were having sex. And supposedly it wasn’t exclusive. And that’s what you do when you’re a 23 year old pop star. No surprise. No judgment. He’s taking responsibility, all good.

But if there were others…

Was he barebacking with all of them?

When I wrote about this yesterday – click here for a refresher – my old lady observation/question, since I’ve been monogamous for 15 years, was about whether or not unprotected sex is no big deal now and the kind of guy who wants to do it without and tries to manipulate his partners into it. Heard from a girlfriend who’s in her 20s, a proper millennial, who told me that it is indeed a thing. That guys want it on the random and with no condom, like all the time. Specifically her words were, “This is a very REAL argument that's happens often and it's so f-cking crazy to me.”

But then, hilariously, I got a message from a reader called P, who emailed me about Coke Dick. I don’t use coke and I don’t have a dick, so this was education, not just for my research purposes but for all of you out there navigating Tinder/Grindr/new app whatever landscape:

“Coke dick is the #1 reason guys don't want to wear a condom these days.
Even if they don't (and won't) admit it. If you partake in too much you can often still get/stay hard, but as soon as you wrap that guy up its game over. I don't even do coke but the same thing can happen with prescription amphetamines. Too many uppers won't necessarily make you full on impotent, but that plus a condom will. And nothing hurts a guy's pride like not being able to perform.”

Not that that has anything to do with Louis, I’m sure. At 23 years old, his engine would still be pretty new, non?