It was announced a few weeks ago that Angelina Jolie’s By The Sea, also starring Brad Pitt, will open AFI Fest in November. Click here for a refresher. It was announced today that The Big Short, starring Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Steve Carell, and Ryan Gosling will close the festival. Sarah wrote about The Big Short when the cast was confirmed earlier this year – click here for a refresher. Now the film is coming out of nowhere, after Venice and TIFF, before the New York Film Festival, to make a case for Oscar. That’s what the timing would suggest.

The film opens in December and Paramount must have some confidence here to roll it out at AFI to build momentum. And why not? The cast is impressive. The Academy will probably be all over the story too – bunch of white guys, underdogs, who figure out everything before everyone and end up f-cking the Man. Unless of course, those old ass Oscar voters in Palm Springs play golf with the heads of the banks. Very possible. But the story is still about a few people who ended up making a f-ck tonne of money by going against the banks though, right? Is there anything here about the 65 year old couple who lost all their retirement savings and their home because greedy Wall Street assholes needed more time on their yachts? I really hope so.

Still…right now, the big draw of The Big Short is the red carpet. Brange. Bale. Gosling and maybe Mendes. We’ll see on November 12.

Attached - Ryan Gosling with Emma Stone on the set of La La Land last week.