When I first wrote about Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg reteaming to make a comedy about a father and stepdad competing for the (dubious, bribe-susceptible) affections of crotch fruit, I mentioned that the title, Daddy’s Home, is creepy and ought to be changed. Well Paramount declined to take my unsolicited advice and now we have the first trailer for Daddy’s Home, which is just the ickiest title imaginable. It sounds like a porn. And based on this trailer, we’d all be in for a much better time if Ferrell and Wahlberg had gotten back together to make a porn parody instead of this Adam Sandler reject (seriously, how is this not Big Daddy 2?).

Ferrell stars as the uptight stepfather and Wahlberg is the rebellious Real Man father, which is the exact same character dynamic they worked for The Other Guys. It worked in that movie, but only because Wahlberg was well suited to spoofing action movie clichés, given that he is a walking action movie cliché. I’m much less interested in seeing him play daddy day care—I can’t believe anyone is actually into this. If you watch this trailer and feel compelled to see Daddy’s Home, please let me know because I have a series of questions for you.