When it was announced back in March that they were remaking Endless Love, I wrote about how movie sex isn’t the same anymore. Click here for a refresher. When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, movie sex used to make me really horny. Now I go for soft core high quality porn (it’s really well shot and the people are always really attractive and there’s no fisting) if I need a little variety because they don’t give it to me the same way anymore in Hollywood. Cynthia Loyst, who I work with on The Social, is a relationship and sex expert and it really picks her ass the accessibility of hard core porn these days because she believes that too many kids are learning that this is how sex should be. My first thought whenever I hear her talking about it is…


About Last Night.

Rob Lowe movies basically led me to masturbation. Why would I need hard core fisting porn when I could watch Rob Lowe and Demi Moore rub each other all over, in the best light, in all kinds of positions?

Sex scenes in movies like Youngblood and About Last Night just don’t happen now.

Anyway, the first trailer for the new Endless Love was released yesterday and, I dunno, I’m just not getting the same sexy. Is it the music? Is it because the music is so…creepy?