After a week of teasers—which is a BIT much—the first trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle finally dropped last night. It’s the sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service, once again from director Matthew Vaughn, who made the closest thing to a good X-Men movie, X-Men: First Class. Kingsman introduced us to Taron Egerton and Suave Action Hero Colin Firth, and is super fun right up until that completely tasteless anal sex joke at the end. Here’s hoping we can get through the sequel without blatant objectification. (The presence of a half-naked woman in the trailer suggests not.)

Kingsman is a slick and stylish movie, and this trailer promises more of the same, with sharp suits, Taron Egerton in those nerdy hot glasses, and a be-patched Colin Firth. Personally, I’m most interested in how the story justifies his survival, but I bet everyone else is super into Channing Tatum. He’s along for the sequel as a cowboy-styled “Statesman”, presumably the American counterpart of a Kingsman. Here’s the benefit of making a fun movie everyone likes: You get a bunch of people who want to be in your sequel (see also: Guardians of the Galaxy). Besides Tatum, the sequel boasts Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges—a Lebowski reunion!—and Halle Berry, briefly glimpsed in the trailer, plus Elton John (not pictured).

There’s a little sequelitis on display, though, particularly the guy with the gadget arm. Did you like Sofia Boutella as the legless assassin in the first movie? Well you’re sure to love Gadget Arm Guy! I do like this franchise’s commitment to people with disabilities being total badasses, but that is clear sequel one-upping. Also, blowing up the Kingsman headquarters is a classic “take away the toys” plot, common in franchise storytelling (see also: Iron Man 3, The Dark Knight Rises). But then Taron Egerton smiles and who cares? He’s super watchable and there is a part of me that is still a little miffed he’s not playing young Han Solo. Just look at him in that mod tuxedo, all style and swagger. In a decade, are we looking at the next James Bond?

Here is Channing Tatum at a Magic Mike event in Vegas last week.