The whole world loved that book. And, as I did last year when I first wrote about it after Shailene Woodley was cast as Hazel, I’m sorry, please forgive me. Because I wasn’t as obsessed with it as you were. Is that OK? I hope that’s OK. I’m not saying I hated it. I didn’t hate it. I’m just saying I didn’t reread it and keep thinking about it and live with those characters for days and days afterwards.

If you disagree with me – and chances are you do – this first trailer should do its job in making you cry the way you did while you were reading it. Shailene is wonderfully expressive and fragile but not weak. Ansel Elgort is a good choice for Augustus. I love Laura Dern here as her mother. It has all the potential of a summer blockbuster young romance. And it also feels, a little, like a Nicholas Sparks movie…right? That’s what they want, after all. Like a Notebook kind of response.

Can I make a recommendation? The Spectacular Now is now available for home viewing. Shailene is really good in it. And Miles Teller is a delight. You know how good he was? Jacek sat through the entire movie – a teen movie! – because he liked Miles Teller so much. I just don’t think The Spectacular Now got enough love.