Dear Gossips,

Everyone’s talking about the Pirelli calendar photographed by Annie Leibovitz and it’s Amy Schumer’s nude portrait dominating the discussion because everyone else is wearing clothing and the joke, not joke, is that Amy didn’t get the joke. I love it a lot but not the most. The one I love the most is Fran Lebowitz.

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know I quote her often. Few people are smarter than Fran. Few people are funnier. Few people are as dedicated to smoking than Fran Lebowitz. Maybe not even Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy, which is why Fran is the first person I thought of when those two got married and offered bowls upon bowls of cigarettes as decoration at the wedding. Fran would have probably loved that wedding. Fran might even have been at that wedding.

Earlier this year, ELLE interviewed Fran about her style, basically the outfit she’s wearing here. If only everyone could talk about fashion the way Fran talks about fashion, the thought that Fran puts into fashion. A discussion about shirts turns into a rumination on fashion houses being assholes when they change their basics. A question about dry-cleaning turns into a rant about how dry-cleaning is unnatural. She’s the BEST. Click here to read the article.

And click here to see more shots from the Pirelli calendar.

Yours in gossip,