Red Nose Day is tomorrow in the UK. So just one more sleep until the Love Actually 10 minute short film that they’ve been shooting all month. Ahead of tomorrow night’s premiere, they released a trailer yesterday featuring many of your faves. And your top fave, Bill Nighy. But I also love Liam Neeson’s expression when he holds up his card. Aurelia shows up too.


I mean, the music gets you, right? It’s such a sad piece of music. Which, I suppose, is why it’s so effective. Because the truth about love is that it can be so sad, so much to be sad about. Like the fact that Emma Thompson will not be a part of Red Nose Day Actually. Did you hear what Richard Curtis said about why she’s not in it

“Ems [Thompson] isn’t in it. She just can’t do it.”

There are different ways to read into that. Maybe it’s as simple as scheduling. But I can’t help it, I can’t help but read from “she just can’t do it” and think that it’s too hard, too hard without him.