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Emilia after Westeros

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 3, 2020 17:35:36 March 3, 2020 17:35:36
Neil Mockford/ Getty Images

A year ago today we were all still anticipating the return and the eventual end of Game of Thrones. Do you kind of wish we could go back to that time? To a time when you didn’t know and therefore weren’t disappointed? People were DISAPPOINTED. There were petitions! There was a lot of shouting. Full Story

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Pedro Pascal’s busy year

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 6, 2020 18:33:37 February 6, 2020 18:33:37

Pedro Pascal has been around for a while now, having broken out in Game of Thrones season four, back when Game of Thrones was still beloved. That was more than half a decade ago, it’s not like Pedro Pascal is new, but it feels like this year is something of a Pedro Pascal renaissance, thanks to his role in The Mandalorian and his upcoming role in Wonder Woman 1984, sure to be one of the biggest movies of the year. Full Story

Game of Thrones’ bad week continues

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 30, 2019 13:01:05 October 30, 2019 13:01:05

Okay, it’s not precisely Game of Thrones’ fault that showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss left their Star Wars trilogy. But even if it’s not a direct impact on GOT itself, that event does contribute to the overall tainting of GOT’s legacy, which is still muddied with fan ire and the perception that Benioff & Weiss really boned the final season. Full Story

Emmys 2019: Game of Thrones and a great soundtrack

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 23, 2019 06:37:56 September 23, 2019 06:37:56
Kevin Winter/ Rich Polk/ Steve Granitz/ Matt Winkelmeyer/ Valerie Macon/ Amy Sussman/ Robyn Beck/ Getty Images

When we were prepping for coverage last week ahead of the Emmys, one of the possible conversation points was how it would be without a host. The Oscars didn’t have a host. The Emmys have gone host-less before, and they addressed it off the top in a bit that started with Homer Simpson, got picked up by Anthony Anderson, and led eventually to Bryan Cranston who, I think, they’ve now declared to be like the Jack Nicholson of TV? Later on, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel joked about it when they got up to present but, overall, I don’t think it was an issue? I wasn’t thinking about the hosting or missing the hosting. Full Story

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Why do we love Westeros and Avengers?

Sarah Posted by Sarah at May 23, 2019 19:08:01 May 23, 2019 19:08:01
Dan MacMedan/ Rich Polk/ Getty Images

Over the last decade, twin forces emerged to fuel the pop culture realm of film and television: the Avengers and Game of Thrones. This is the decade that saw the rise of binge watching, a new Batman AND a new Superman, and the return of motherf-cking Star Wars, and yet the biggest things to happen in film and TV was that the C-list superhero team and a densely plotted fantasy show rich in lore and backstory took over our cinematic culture. Full Story

Game of Thrones Winning Odds: Let’s talk about the winner

Sarah Posted by Sarah at May 20, 2019 14:40:27 May 20, 2019 14:40:27
Macall B. Polay – HBO

SPOILERS Before the final season of Game of Thrones started, I handicapped the odds of the remaining major players winning the Iron Throne. When I ran down the odds for House Stark, I gave them the best odds of winning, but I disqualified Bran because his whole Three-Eyed Raven deal seemed to knock him out of serious contention. Full Story

Game of Thrones: The Saga of House Stark

Sarah Posted by Sarah at May 20, 2019 14:13:16 May 20, 2019 14:13:16

GET OUT OF HERE! THERE ARE  MAJOR SPOILERS We’ll argue about this ending forever, but after the last three weeks, as Game of Thrones descended in a seeming death spiral, it’s a relief that the finale episode works as well as it does—and it DOES work. If you view “A Song of Ice and Fire” as the saga of House Stark, as the story of its fall and improbable rise, Game of Thrones almost sticks the landing. Full Story

Queen of the Ashes

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 15, 2019 20:05:25 May 15, 2019 20:05:25

HBO has only released two promotional photos from the final episode of the series. One of them is of a grim looking Tyrion, obviously traumatised af from what he’s just seen. Understandable. I hope in the episode we’ll also see him looking embarrassed, or at least a little sheepish, because he has thrown up airball after airball for the last two seasons, maybe more. Full Story

Monday, May 13, 2019

Dear Gossips,

If you can’t please everyone, who do you choose to please? That was the task for the showrunners of Game of Thrones – and after last night’s episode, “The Bells”, the answer, apparently, is The Spectacle.  Read Full Intro