So there’s Letterman with Jacek stroking themselves over Natalie Portman, and then there’s me, after multiple viewings of this clip from Country Strong, um, feeling the same way about the #1 on my Five List Garrett Hedlund.

For the doubters...

It’s not like they have to be pretty all the time. What’s even better is that when they’re not pretty, or when they’re hiding their pretty, they can bring it in other ways. Like eye contact, body language, a slow smile, staring at your lips like he can’t help it, moving his head closer so by the end if it his hair is grazing her face...

I’m a quivering mess...even though I find Leighton Meester slightly annoying, especially at the start of the clip.

You see how she’s protesting about joining him on stage? And the blinking? That’s Blair Waldorf. It kinda makes me worry that she has no range. Also the eyes closed singing. But that’s probably more authentic to whatever character she’s playing. Am inclined to believe this since Garrett’s direction was right on – the nodding, the intimacy – and you’d assume that if Garrett was given the right instruction, Leighton’s wouldn’t/shouldn’t be that far off either.

Then again, sometimes it’s all on instinct. Whatever Garrett is doing in this scene, it feels natural and convincing. Like, I totally believe he’s in love. And I’m actually not entirely sure how she stopped herself from pinning him down and getting on it right there.

Am also attaching Gwyneth Paltrow’s Country Strong music video. Just, put her on mute and wait for the Hedlund sex scenes.

File photo from Jerod Harris/