Gavin Rossdale took his boys on a hike with the nanny the other day. The nanny is very attractive. And has bleach blonde hair like Gwen Stefani. Which...not a problem on its own.

But look at Gavin’s hand from behind as they’re going up the hill.

That’s not a “friend zone” part of the body, is it?

Top of the ass, small of the back...

It’s an intimate area. I wouldn’t want anyone touching me there but my husband. And in Gavin’s case, it’s not like that’s an easy access location either. I mean, if he were just steadying her, he could easily have just reached forward to touch her shoulder, or the middle of the back. Instead, he went right above the buttock, which would have required him to tuck his hand under the backpack first to land juuuuust righhhht there.

But my discomfort may be someone else’s shrug. Perhaps I’m too conservative on contact and boundaries. Perhaps, to them, those arty people, this is nothing.

Or...maybe she slipped, and that was the only position his hand could go, and then after he apologised and it's nothing, nothing but Photo Assumption taken in the worst possible spirit. This is what I want to believe.