And you’re surprised by this not at all, right?

The story comes from IN TOUCH so…

The magazine claims that they’ve been in touch with a woman – she wishes to remain anonymous, and Ben Affleck’s like, f-ck, how come I got the shaft on my infidelity?!? – who says she and Gavin Rossdale hooked up at the Playboy Mansion in 2002, a few months before he married Gwen Stefani.

“He was beautiful and charming,” the party girl, who wishes to remain anonymous because of her connection to Hollywood, exclusively reveals. “He was with Gwen, but that didn’t stop him from hooking up with me.”

“We spent a lot of time flirting,” the woman says. Eventually Gavin led her to one of the mansion’s Van rooms, which have padded floors where they started “fooling around.”

“[Gavin] said [he and Gwen] were having problems,” the woman tells In Touch. “I thought they were breaking up and that I had a chance.”

So it’s someone who works in the business and she’s OK to speak to a tabloid but she doesn’t want to compromise her identity because …she wants to keep telling stories to the tabloids? That’s actually exactly how it works. And that’s why a lot of people are freaking out that The New Yorker is doing an expose on TMZ – not just because they might reveal the paid source (in law enforcement, etc) but the unpaid ones, the publicists, the actors themselves, the managers, the agents, who give information in exchange for positive stories.

Anyway, the un-Christine Ouzounian also reveals to IN TOUCH, supposedly, that a month after Gavin married Gwen, he was still texting her. Did people text in 2002? I don’t remember texting in 2002. I don’t think I started texting until … 2004?

If you follow gossip, or listen to any of Gwen’s songs, it’s probably been pretty obvious that Gavin had the power in this relationship. You remember that interview she gave about wearing makeup around the house? It was a few years ago, for Harper’s Bazaar:

"I like to make my husband like me more. And he likes it when I'm wearing makeup." (Source)

There was a lot of insight in that statement at the time. Even more now. Gwen fell in love with Gavin when Gavin was the bigger deal – for about 5 minutes. He’d break up with her, f-ck around, come back, and then she became the superstar, still waiting around for him to notice. This woman? The non-Christine Ouzounian? Assuming she’s not full of sh-t? She can’t have been the last.

So, I repeat (from my previous posts on them), what would it have taken for her to finally walk? Or… was she even the one who wanted to walk at all?