As I reported a couple of days after the Oscars, every source I talked to that weekend was of the opinion that George Clooney and Stacy Keibler had entered the third act of their relationship. I also wrote that she was rumoured to be calling Geoff Stults behind George’s back; Stults is an actor she was dealing with before she and Clooney started dating. Click here for a refresher.

Now according to US Weekly, “the end is near”. Apparently they have divergent interests and have been growing apart. And his friends don’t like her. As I previously noted then, it’ll have to be soon. Because if Clooney plays next award season by his usual game plan, he’ll have to have a new companion installed by summer, so that Stacy’s replacement can be securely in position by the fall, when campaigning begins.

Here’s Stacy last night at a jcpenny event to launch Joe Fresh (a Canadian original!) looking like she’s well aware that her post-comma descriptor is about to change:

Stacy Keibler, ex-girlfriend of George Clooney.