It was a planned protest with an expected result. His dad, Nick Clooney, was with him. This was their intent. To be outside the Sudanese embassy, continuing to raise awareness for the victims of genocide in Sudan, in particular the Nuba Mountains, causing a scene, calling out Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir of blocking food and aid into his country, actions that have resulted in a humanitarian crisis.

The two Clooneys, Jim Moran (Virginia), and NAACP President Ben Jealous were asked three times to not cross the police line outside the embassy. They were then arrested for civil disobedience.

"Stop raping them and stop starving them.  That's all that we ask,” George said as he faced the media.

And now it’s the top story everywhere. This is what he wanted this week, all week in Washington, to draw attention to the situation in Sudan... whatever the cost.

"I'm just trying to raise attention. Let your Congress know, let your president know. It's actually a humiliating thing to be arrested no matter what you do, but I'm glad to be standing here with my father."

He doesn’t look all that humiliated to me. And he shouldn’t. I want to cry I’ve never loved him more than I’ve loved him this week.

Also attached - George and his bff John Prendergast yesterday addressing the media after their meeting with President Obama. Click here for Save Darfur. George would want you to.