George Clooney was photographed in London last night after dinner with friends. UK gossips have suggested that he seemed unsteady on his feet. I believe it. I’ve seen it. It’s a good time when George goes out. For the last few months, George has been directing The Monuments Men. We last saw him hanging out in Italy, at his summer home in Lake Como. Click here for a refresher. He was with his boys, as usual, and no Stacy Keibler.

While George was supposedly getting drunk in the English capital, Keibler was in Cannes, partying on Roberto Cavalli’s boat. Well that’s interesting. Is Cavalli where he sends them when he’s done with them? Is Cavalli a clue? Who else went to Cavalli?

Elisabetta Canalis, remember?

That’s not to say that it’s over yet between Clooney and Keibler. There are signs, sure. They’ve not spent much time together this year at all. But they’re either very good at long distance or he just doesn’t want to confirm it yet. George doesn’t have much time for romance in the coming months though.

The Monuments Men has been scheduled for a December release in time for award season. So he has 5 months, less, really, to cut it. He also has two other films that have been marked for award season: Gravity, with Sandra Bullock, and August: Osage County, a film he produced.

The first trailer for August: Osage County was posted on Mother’s Day weekend. Have you seen it? Wasn’t great, despite all the praise it’s been receiving at test screenings. But maybe that was the strategy. To sell it like The Family Stone, specifically for the spirit of that holiday, to interest the MiniVan Majority on the “chick”-ness of it (God, I hate that word), Meryl + Julia!, without too much of the “drama” word that can turn mainstream audiences off.