George Clooney and Stacy Keibler were out for dinner last night in LA. Every pap in the city was there to shoot them. You know what I will always love about him though, no matter how frustrated I am with his girlfriend game?

I love how chill he is in these situations. I love that he doesn’t snarl, he doesn’t hide, he doesn’t whine, he doesn’t protest, he doesn’t threaten...and he remembers to tip the valet!

Straight up, George Clooney is a pro. He understands this is part of the life, this sh-t is what happens in exchange for everything else: Como, the money, the women, the access, the influence. When you choose Hollywood, when you choose the career George has followed, this is what you get. If George Clooney doesn’t cry about it, why are the 20 year old babies on tv shows crying about it??? Please.

As for Stacy, well, more and more it looks like she’s heading to the Oscars. Because HE is heading to the Oscars. Unless she f-cks it up. You know how you f-ck it up with George? You ask for a wedding and some babies. No no, Stacy hasn’t asked for those...yet. But she did post this on her Twitter with the caption:

My two loves...

Could be a nephew or a niece. Could be a friend’s kid. I’m just saying less has scared him away. You know how he is. She’ll have to make up for this baby picture with a nice firm headlock tonight.

(Thanks L!)