Amal and George Clooney will be spending the summer at their home in Lake Como next month and apparently there’s going to be a birthday party and a temporary bylaw has been passed that’s supposed to be to deter paps and gawkers. They’re making it so that if you violate the ban, you could be fined $600. In other words, Do Not Approach. No running up to him as he’s leaving dinner and asking for a selfie. Or, if you really want the selfie, would you pay $600 for it?

Look, I don’t really think George Clooney wants to f-ck over any fans/civilians. I’ve seen him, many times, interact with fans. He’s friendly, engaging, kind. I’ve also seen him interacting with paps. And he’s never really a dick to them either. You’ll never see him going Sean Penn on anyone while leaving a restaurant. So … I’m not sure if he’s the one asking for this or if it’s the obsequious officials from the town sucking his dick but still…

It does give us reason again to talk about approaching celebrities. More specifically, my feelings on approaching celebrities. Which I find embarrassing. Two reasons: ultimately you’re coming in from a prostrated position, in submission. And secondly: it’s so obviously show-offy! Because two minutes later, you boasting about it on Twitter/Instagram!