Amal and George Clooney were out for dinner in New York this weekend. As you know, they’re in town because he’s shooting a movie there with Jodie Foster. Or you could say they’re in town because she’s now a visiting lecturer at Columbia’s Human Rights Institute.

"It is an honour to be invited as a visiting professor at Columbia Law School alongside such a distinguished faculty and talented student pool. I look forward to getting to know the next generation of human rights advocates studying here."

Solid attendance anticipated on the days she’s around, right?

So she’s a professor, on top of her regular job and all the cases she’s handling, and she’s soon to be an author as her book The Right To A Fair Trial In International Law will be published by Oxford University Press later this year. Obviously she gets a lot of sh-t done. And isn’t the idea that she can’t possibly get her sh-t done just because she’s married to him and sometimes on holiday with him a little…anti-feminist?