The last time we talked about the (totally unnecessary) Point Break remake, Gerard Butler was signing on to play Bodhi. This movie is an abomination—the remake, not Point Break, which is holy relic of Bad Action Cinema— and I’m halfway convinced that “Point Break remake” is some kind of Hydra code phrase, but there is some news worth mentioning. With production set to begin in June, Butler has dropped out of the movie. Because of CREATIVE DIFFERENCES.

To be fair, the report also cites a (tenuous) scheduling conflict as The Remake won’t wrap until the fall, which will push it up against Spittle’s other project, the non-awaited sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen (no, I am not making this sh*t up). Apparently it’s asking a lot of Spittle to shoot two movies back-to-back, especially when he’s having a “creative difference”, so he bailed on The Remake.

What does a Gerard Butler creative difference look like? How awful does the decision making have to be before Gerard Butler objects to it? We all thought The Remake sounded terrible, but if even GERARD BUTLER thinks it’s a bad idea, it must be so awful it’s radioactive. I can’t fathom the thing that follows “we’re remaking Point Break” and manages to be even worse still than those foul words. “We’re remaking Point Break…and you’re going to have to attend your own fan convention to promote it.” That’d probably do it.

Producers Alcon Entertainment are determined to stick to their schedule and will be re-casting Bodhi immediately, and the movie is still being directed by Ericson Core, who may or may not be a stair master.

Attached – Butler in Australia with what’s probably a new girlfriend on the weekend.