The iHeartRadio MMVAs happened last night in Toronto, hosted by Gigi Hadid. Gigi was a presenter at this event last year. It was just as she was really building next level momentum. She was weeks fresh into her relationship with Joe Jonas. And even Drake's primary preoccupation that night seemed to be finding Gigi. He kept asking where she was backstage. And not subtly either.

Since then, Gigi's become a big f-cking deal. So, what's it like in the Gigi orbit? In person you can feel it. And it's not just her look. I've been on many red carpets with models, the most beautiful creatures, and it's not the same. The ones like Gigi - Cara Delevingne comes to mind too - have a certain charisma, a draw. There's an energy about her. Five minutes ago you claim you don't care. Then she arrives and smiles and starts moving around and talking and engaging and suddenly you're like, oh, I do, I really do care....even though I didn't particularly like the red pantsuit on the carpet. Everything I've ever heard about Gigi up to this point is that she's the nicest of the lot. That she really isn't that girl who's out to cause drama. So far, I've heard of no drama from her appearance in Toronto. Will update if I do.

You know what it is that I enjoyed most about her last night? She didn't play "too cool". At one point she was lunge posing in front of the fans, looking better in that position than anyone has any right to, obviously, but it still wasn't "cool" or detached or "above", as if she said to herself, oh, I'm doing this, jumping like this, squatting like this too, that might be fun, let me see if it's fun. With no other voice coming in to chill her about what might or might not seem lame.

As for the look, the model part of it all, up close it's not oversold. When I was nearest her, she had on some pretty garish red lipstick with an outfit I've already said I wasn't feeling her in and it still wasn't a problem. That said, there wasn't one outfit I totally, totally loved. Which is probably my only disappointment.

Ps fun fact: Gigi and Zayn also hooked up just 2 weeks after she and Joe were done. Taylor had a model for her situation in her own crew.