Ginnifer Goodwin and her husband Josh Dallas named their new baby Hugo Wilson Dallas. I really, really love Hugo, even though one of my strongest aural memories of it is Perpetua ‘yars’-ing the name in Bridget Jones’s Diary.

It’s a good name, works well with their first son, Oliver Finlay, and, though I’m not personally a Goodwin or Once Upon A Time fan, I appreciate that there’s no-muss-no-fuss about the announcement.

Whereas we still don’t know about the name of Matthew Rhys & Keri Russell’s baby, born earlier in May. And it is making me a little nuts.

If you’ll allow me to digress for a second, my addiction to these two is in large part due to the chemistry between Phillip and Elizabeth on The Americans, and obviously we love when onscreen chemistry is SO strong it has to spill over into real life.

Then there’s the part where we’ve been watching this child be hidden behind grocery bags or laundry baskets or, most amusingly in last night’s finale, by some really awkwardly-clutched dry cleaning. And given that it was a real blue-balls finale, all things considered, I’m desperate for anything I can get along the Matthew-Elizabeth-Keri-Phillip continuum.

Incidentally, I know you’re biting your nails about the fate of Martha and want to discuss the gross minutiae of bio-terrorism. Email me and we’ll discuss, and know that we’re going to have delicious new ways to discuss TV on the site coming soon. 

And if you know the name of this baby could you please let me know?

P.S. Well done, Goodwin & Dallas. Sorry if you got a little overshadowed here.

Also attached - Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys out in New York last week with their baby.