Ginnifer Goodwin has been going shorter and shorter for a while. And now her hair is at its shortest. (Can we just sidebar about her name? Specifically the pronunciation? How do you say it in your head? Do you say GIN-infer? Or do you say Jen-ifer?) I admire the balls to do it, but I’m not sure if this really suits her.

Anyway, here’s Ginnifer at the airport the other day just as it’s been announced that she’s headlining another tv show. Why is Snow White suddenly so popular?

Ginnifer will play a nun who was Snow White now living in a small town in Maine who remembers that an evil prince made her forget her past. Or something. Two Lost writers are working on it and a lot of people seem excited so obviously my description of it is probably underselling. The show is called Once Upon a Time. Will have to get Duana on this for more information.

And in a couple of months, Ginnifer will also be at the movies too. Something Borrowed opens May 6th. Have you seen the trailer? I tried very hard not to roll my eyes. Maybe I’m not being fair. Maybe this Kate Hudson movie will come out and people will call it the romcom of the year. Will Ginnifer be promoting it with this haircut though? Remember when Felicity cut her hair and the studio was like – what the f-ck? And the ratings dropped? Is it the same here? Or does it not make a difference?

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