I was happy to see Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield walking their first red carpet together on Saturday at the Kids’ Choice Awards. The two subsequently presented together as promotion for their upcoming Spider-Man.

I was even happier to see Shannon Woodward show up with Katy Perry. Interestingly enough, Andrew used to date Shannon Woodward. For a long time. There wasn’t much time between when that split was announced and when he and Emma were confirmed as a couple. Shannon Woodward is tight with Katy Perry. And she accompanied Katy to the event. Now it’s not like Emma and Andrew’s attendance at Kids’ Choice was a last minute surprise. There was ample advance notice. So Shannon’s decision to be there with Katy is ... intriguing. As you can see, there’s some girl solidarity happening here. And don’t front like they’re above it and it wasn’t even talked about while they were getting ready either. Girls will be girls. Girl Sh-t is the best sh-t. You know.

Check the look on Shannon’s face starting at 2:10.

But Girl Sh-t often involves more than the immediate players. Girl Sh-t is also about Factions. Katy and Shannon are close with Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend Kristen Stewart. Pattinson is friendly with Garfield. Was friendly with Garfield? In real life there are sides and people take them. In Hollywood life do they stay neutral?

Stone and Stewart are peers; professionally they’re on the same level, belonging to the same grouping: young, promising actresses at the top of the consideration list. There is no doubt, if it hasn’t happened already, that they’re both reading and considering some of the same parts. Here they are then, keeping it classy, giving nothing away, walking side by side into the venue. In public, you are Switzerland. Private allegiances however can play out differently. I don’t know what that looks like, if it looks like anything, but I am so curious.  

Love Emma’s shoes. And she looks super young in this dress, with the makeup, which I’m really into. Emma is 23. And in no danger of seeming as though she’s 43. Here’s what Lindsay Lohan was like at 23 - click here. No, you can’t go back. You can never go back.

But God Kristen Stewart is beautiful. Sooooo pretty. Although I think this dress is failing her. It’s the sleeves. Too boxy, shaped like the ones you’d find on a leather jacket, striking a weird tone with the lace. Strange design flaw, non?