I’m the kind of perv that when I see a hot couple, I automatically want to see them having sex. Like, I want to be there live when it happens. Too much?

But when they’re really, really goodlooking, like cut from Zeus goodlooking, it’s almost biological isn’t it? Programmed into our DNA? No? Fine then. I’m a perv.

Check out Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady in Brazil for Carnival. Talk about a lifetime experience. Now that’s what I want to do one day. Etalk has never covered Carnival I don’t think. With all these celebrities there, it might be a thing though, non? Look at Jude Law getting all cheesed up with a cougar with his tan and his chest hair. Amazing, right?

Jude of course was one half of a couple I would totally have wanted to watch having sex. RIP Jude & Sienna. But Gisele and Tom are still apparently going strong. And drunk and sweaty and kissing in the parade. I mean… are you telling me that’s not a turn-on? She’s ridiculous. He’s ridiculous. And together it’s so much quiveration ridiculous. Also, that’s a body you simply cannot buy.

PS. Someone has obviously recovered from post-season foot surgery. But when is Tom ever going to win a Super Bowl for his supermodel? I wonder if that’s the universe’s way of saying – dude, you already have 3 rings, and now you’re f-cking the hottest sh-t ever. There’s a limit to what we can give you.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com