The Patriots handed the Saints their first loss of the season yesterday because, well, because Tom Brady was Tom Brady at the end of the game. New England had no business walking away with a win. And then, as he does, Brady reads the coverage and steps up and fires a perfect pass and F-CK ME my Dolphins were on bye week and why couldn’t they have stepped it up harder against the Ravens last week? But this is why I say that Jacek and most dudes I know, they would for Tom Brady. Like, how perfect is this life?!?

Here he is on Saturday, a day before singlehandedly delivering a victory to his team, out with his family in Boston. They make funny faces at their kids. They’re fun with their kids. They’re affectionate with their kids and each other. Every day is a goddamn photo shoot. I can’t find ONE bad picture. Can’t he just f-ck up a pass when it counts? One person can’t have everything!