Now that I'm moving to Toronto, I'll be able to take my ma to the movies. The process of taking the Chinese Squawking Chicken to the movies is, I imagine, kinda like taking a child to the movies in that your selection has to be very particular. For kids, no violence, no profanity, etc.

For the Squawking Chicken, we avoid the talky ones, because she doesn't understand the language and also because she hates when people are long-winded, which rules out dramas. Also, she finds it abhorrent when people are publicly affectionate, so romances don't won't work either.

She does however like horrors and thrillers. There's hardly any kissing, or exposition, and she's really into the supernatural. My point is I'm totally taking her to Gravity. She will get Gravity. Gravity is her kind of movie.

Gravity will scare the sh-t out of her, as it keeps scaring the shit out of the rest of us. But also...look at it. The cinematography is amazing. Is that all one shot?! People have been getting super hard over Alfonso Cuaron's direction. From what we've seen so far, two hours of this is going to be a trip. If you can manage your anxiety. Can you manage your anxiety? I feel short of breath and it's only been two minutes.