I feel like you’re going to see a lot of Breaking Bad tonight at the parties, if you’re going to the parties. We’re on a flight tomorrow at 6am but I really, really want to hit the parties because my costume is so great. They’re putting prosthetics on my face for etalk. It seems like a waste not to squeeze everything I can out of those cheekbones.

Here’s Guy Ritchie last night with son Rocco leaving a fancy dress party, as they call it over there, dressed as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. You hear about that Florida mom who was all pissy because Toys R Us was selling Breaking Bad dolls? Maybe…just…don’t buy the dolls? It’s not like a 5 year old could afford it.

I couldn’t understand last week when I was on the subway why so many people were dressing up in Halloween costumes already. Halloween is on a Friday. There’s no need for an early Halloween party, is there? And then I realised it’s because I don’t have kids, that those who have kids have to take them trick or treating. You can bring a flask though, right?

Oh. Guy and Rocco have matching father-son hairstyles.