I guess they’re overcome by the Christmas spirit.

Before we get to that though…

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are about to spend their first Christmas together. In the last few days, we’ve learned that her kids supposedly “adore” him and that she’s met his family. And still, sources tell PEOPLE that "They're just having fun and enjoying each other," says the source. "There's no pressure. They've been able to support and relate to each other and have gotten through a very difficult and now triumphant time in their lives." 

Nothing says triumph like a smattering of kisses on social media all dressed in camo.



I want to be squicked by this, I really do. I want to tell them to take their BB-8 level thirst and dehydrate it for a week. But it’s December 22nd. My tree is gorgeous. My presents are wrapped. I’m eating fried chicken over waffles for lunch. If this had happened in January, oh my God, I’d be spraying them with bitter post-holiday hating-life snark. But there’s not that much of that lying around right now. And I’m saving the snark I do have on Leonardo DiCaprio. Fair?