That’s what she called it on Twitter after showing up with Pharrell at Coachella for Hollaback Girl. Video is below. “Feels good to be out of the cave.” And now Billboard reports that she may be working on a solo project again. More Love.Angel.Music.Baby. Less The Sweet Escape?

Gwen stepped out again yesterday to take newborn Apollo to the doctor. I guess she’s staying out of the cave now. And there’s probably a lot she has to get to, apart from the music. Like the clothes. Which I feel like she doesn’t get enough credit for. L.A.M.B. makes really, really great pieces. One of my favourite purchases last year was a badass silk houndstooth bomber. And a pair of wicked printed pants that fit harem styles without a saggy ass. Can we call it one of the most successful celebrity clothing lines? And somehow sort of low key?