David Beckham and Chris Martin stepped off a flight together at LAX yesterday. Victoria Beckham was also photographed arriving in LA with the kids. How do I find an adult-sized pair of H7’s boots? Some people have pointed out that Jennifer Lawrence was in London earlier this week and came back to Los Angeles a couple of days ago. Martin Lawrence hangs out with the Beckhams?

Well, interestingly enough, Gwyneth Paltrow also landed at LAX yesterday.

Martin Lawrence AND G hang out with the Beckhams? G hands over Martin Lawrence to the Beckhams? It’s a divorce draft? G keeps Stella and gives away Posh?

Celebrity Divorce Draft! Best game ever!

Yesterday I polled you informally about whose party you’d rather go to: G’s or Jennifer Lawrence. Click here for a refresher. Landslide victory. Like ridiculously overwhelming majority.

Gwyneth. You’d rather go to Gwyneth’s and be judged. Me too.