Dear Gossips,

A new Mockingjay Part 1 teaser was released yesterday featuring just Jennifer Lawrence, returning home to District 12 to survey the damage, under manipulation by Plutarch Heavensbee to fight for the rebel forces. This was one of the strongest elements of The Hunger Games series – even the “good guys” were assholes.

Five weeks now until Mockingjay opens. Five weeks until everyone at the box office gets the f-ck out of the way of Jennifer Lawrence, Hollywood’s reigning Most Popular on an impressive 2+ year run, so far immune to the inevitable onset of actress backlash, even after getting hacked. How? Anne Hathaway probably wants to know. Part of it is that Lawrence isn’t papped day after day after day. She can go undercover for long weeks at a time. She handled the nude photo situation well. And the Gwyneth Paltrow Hate didn’t hurt. Being the (presumably) cool, fun, relaxed antithesis to the Woman You Can’t Stand has been a bonus. So, you know, G can take some credit for that. She would.

But answer honestly – if both were having a party, whose party would you go to? I’m polling you. And I’m predicting (if you answer HONESTLY) that your choice would be the same as mine.

This day… I’m waiting for this day to become tonight. Because I won’t be home until at least 8:30pm, at which point my first priority is to get on the new episode of Serial. Have you started Serial yet? No? OK. Maybe you shouldn’t. Maybe you don’t need the best distraction. For the rest of us, as I yelled to Duana over text the other day, by the end of it, I’m going to need a resolution. I really, really need a resolution.

Yours in gossip,