Not that Brad.

Someone at work wrote to me about this today. And before I opened the email, I got excited about Gwyneth and Brad Pitt. It’s not Brad Pitt. It’s Brad Falchuk from Glee. And US Weekly is now reporting that they’re officially dating. Apparently the two were out for a flirty dinner in LA recently and soon afterwards were seen at that resort in Utah that I wrote about last week – click here for a refresher. As already mentioned, Falchuk is also divorced, though I’m not sure whether or not it was that conscious of an uncoupling considering…

Wait, no.

Supposedly G and Falchuk “started off professionally” back when she first started guest-starring on Glee. Of course they did. OF COURSE they did. But I do love gloating about a long-range blind.

So what’s the benefit in letting this out there now? You could say that G wants to get ahead of Chris. If it was Chris who was confirming a new relationship first out the gate after separation, she looks like the one who’s the loser left behind. This way, at least when he finds a new girlfriend, she might be spared the “Gwyneth is lonely and desperate!” storylines that would inevitably follow.

Also…this guy is a producer on both Glee and American Horror Story. So while it might seem like an automatic upgrade for her to be with him, professionally there could be some benefits there that we’ll see later on. Keep watching.