Gwyneth Paltrow, Anna Wintour, and Tom Ford co-hosted a fundraiser for President Obama last night in London. Cameron Diaz, G’s best friend, was also there as she’s in town shooting The Counselor. G’s other best friend Beyonce hosted an event for Obama the night before. Do you think there was a dress size requirement to get into to the Paltrow/Wintour/Ford party? Like no more than size 2? Or do they suspend their size biases on political nights?

I didn’t see Gwyneth at TIFF last week. As I already explained, there must be a distance; I can’t love her if it’s too close. It was Jessi Cruickshank who covered the Thanks For Sharing carpet. Jessi was never a Gwyneth fan ...and then she met her and, as she said, kinda developed a girl crush. She says G is spectacular in person. The body, certainly. But for all her be healthy this and celebrate your inner self that, it really makes me crazy that she’s not more careful about her skin. And specifically how it’s reacting to the sun.

Anyway, it’s Thursday which means that there’s a new newsletter up on GOOP -- this time an interview with DVF, great. I didn’t bother to read. Because I was too busy being distracted by the new collaboration with chinti & parker, the first GOOP collaboration I’ve ever really liked...


Yes, they are cashmere. Yes, they are $500 each. But before you go blaming that on Gwyneth, that’s actually what chinti & parker normally retails for and, well, you wouldn’t expect that a partnership with Gwyneth would result in a discount, would you? chinti & parker actually makes the best (in my opinion) polka dot sweater on the market - click here to see - and, well, maybe the most expensive. Same goes for the star sweater - click here for that.