Gwyneth Paltrow showed up at a private screening for Hector And The Pursuit Of Happiness last night in the Hamptons. Simon Pegg is Apple’s godfather so I imagine she was there to support his project. And she looks great, she really does. Exactly what would come up if you google “rich+woman+Hamptons+summer”.

G was there with a few friends. Also…Chris Martin. There are photos of him getting in their car. But they’re sh-tty shots so I didn’t want to pay extra for them, sorry. I’ve seen the images though. It’s him. And it’s her. And they were together. But not together together. Because he just told a radio station yesterday that they’re close but not together together. Click here for a refresher.

Some people think they’re faking it. Some people think this is a front, to convince people that they’re above going low in a divorce. That’s totally possible. Actors fake sh-t for a living, after all. They routinely have to hang out and make out with people they can’t stand. Oh, hi Theo James. Or, you know, they could actually be selfless and want the best for their children. Serious question: Do you hate G so much that you think she’d prioritise appearance over her kids?