According to the Daily Mail (so I don’t blame you if you snort at the authenticity of this post), Gwyneth Paltrow intimated to Marie Claire that she and Chris Martin actually separated a year before the conscious uncoupling announcement and that she was actually subtly asking Johnny Depp about how it worked for him when he and Vanessa Paradis split up.

“Nobody knew what Chris and I had been going through, so I didn't say "Hey, this is what's happening". But I did ask (Johnny) mostly children-centric questions, like "How is it on them? How did you do it?"

Interesting. Because that revised timeline kind of absolves them both, doesn’t it? Like if she was texting Brad Falchuk it wouldn’t have been on the sly. Or if Chris was, you know, hanging out with Alexa Chung, or whoever, that wouldn’t have been offside either.

OK, G. I see how you’re playing this now.

In other G news, she had her kids with her at the Grammys the other night. According to US Weekly she was trying to explain to them the difference between a record and an album. And because they’re children of the internet times, they had no idea what vinyl is. So now, on the one hand, we have to explain the internet to our parents (and slowly become homicidal) and we have to explain vinyl and the old fashion telephone to the kids?