My favourite photo from the weekend…

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner, bonded by Ben Affleck, and the inevitable disappointment that results from loving Ben Affleck, were both at the Think It Up event on Friday in LA. Does this picture happen if we never met Chrissy O? Does it happen if Jen and Ben are still together?

It hasn’t happened since 2004.

How much do you love that Jen’s the one who looks like she’s making the approach in that situation? Jen and Ben hadn’t started dating yet. It would happen soon after but in this moment, G had experienced what Jen wanted badly. And G already knew that he was a “complete knucklehead”. Now, 11 years later, it’s probably a shared understanding. While Gwyneth could walk away though, Jen still has to tolerate it.

Yesterday she and Ben took the kids out to church and then the farmers market. As you can see, lately he’s been making an effort to look more engaged and happy when he’s with his family. Like that’s going to make you stop missing Chrissy O.