Co-hosted with the Seinfelds, Jessica and Jerry, in the Hamptons, of course. Where else? It’s August. That’s where you find the right people in August, didn’t you know? You can see evidence of a proper Hamptons summer all over G’s face. I worry about her skin though. I hope her SPF is strong enough. I hope it’s straight up block instead of screen. And I wonder if her skin person is as great as mine in Vancouver. I also give her credit for going out about as natural as it gets for a celebrity, and without insisting on a ring light.

No of course not. Gwyneth is not Pamela Anderson, good God. And it wasn’t about Gwyneth last night. It was about Jake Gyllenhaal’s End Of Watch. Jakey and G have been close for a long time. She was the one who set him up with Taylor Swift. I’m told she was disappointed when he cut and ran out on her. But then again, G is not unfamiliar with friends and their flaws. She’s the one who knows; she’s the one who will tell them that she believes they can do better next time (except for Madonna). By the way, why have Jake and Cameron never happened? Has G ever tried?

Also, Chris Martin was there last night. In keeping with their policy to never be photographed with each other, as expected he stayed away from the step and repeat. He did however graciously agree to one shot with Jerry Seinfeld - click here to see.