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I have been trying to lose the same 10-15 pounds for about 5 years.  I am getting married in 6 months and although I work out 2-4 times a week and eat right, I cannot seem to lose!  I know 'diet pills don't work' and 'you just need to eat right and exercise' but... have you tried anything that did work?




Nothing works but hard work, dedication, consistency, and sacrifice. There is no easy way or pill you can pop that will do it for you because if there was we would all look like supermodels or star athletes, depending on what your dream body is to you.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that the last 5 years of your life has looked like this: You wake up Monday morning and decide that today is the day you are going to get the body you want; you drag yourself out of bed at a god awful hour and go get your butt kicked at the gym, then come home and make some awful green smoothie for breakfast that you have to choke back, or skip it all together, eat some lettuce for lunch and have some chicken and steamed veggies for dinner? (Ok, that may be a bit extreme but just go with me here.) This carries on until Friday night when you absolutely can’t take it anymore and eat everything in your fridge. The next two weeks you spend hating yourself and your body and wondering why you can’t lose weight leading to you trying again, and again, and again.

Why does this not work? Because drastic lifestyle changes NEVER do. If you try and cut back on everything at once you are going to be miserable and hate your life. Trust me, I see this all the time.

This is where consistency plays a key role in weight loss and management. If you are “good” for a week, then “bad” for 2 days, then good again for 3 days then bad for a week then good for 3 weeks then bad for 2, etc., etc., you are never going to see progress. You are like a car stuck in a roundabout that just keeps driving and driving, unable to vacate the circle.

Start with one change and then build on that, either every few days or every week. Maybe you start by consistently beginning your day with a healthy breakfast, and once that becomes a habit you begin packing your lunches to work. Then you cut out bread and then then alcohol, you add in another weekly workout, you pick up the intensity of your workout, and you continue to change your life one step at a time. Remember, 1 change a week equals 52 changes a year.

You still have 6 months before your big day, which is plenty of time to get yourself the body you want without using unhealthy alternatives, like diet pills. Download a fitness tracker onto your smart phone, such as myfitnesspal (which helped me lose 17 pounds 2 years ago) and then track your progress. Set a goal of 1 pound of fat loss a week, which is 24 pounds before you have to walk down the aisle. If you resort to a pill you are doing more damage than good.

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