Earlier this week, Gwyneth Paltrow was papped out for dinner with Brad Falchuk on his birthday. They looked happy. She looks happy. So happy. This, as I’ve mentioned several times, is her revenge. Gwyneth was never going to be the girl cheated on by the musician and left alone to wallow age. In fact, in this dinner outfit, she’s cute as f-ck, especially in those kicks.

Yesterday G was seen arriving in New York in leather pants (how do you stay dry between the legs in leather pants on a plane?) carrying a gorgeous bright blue bag ahead of her appearance on The Today Show this morning. Matt Lauer says off the top that it’s been 11 years since she’s been on. She talks about Goop and I like her answer in response to his question about acting and whether or not her business has taken priority over it. You’re thinking, um, yeah, she’s Gooping because no one wants her in their movies anymore and she’s like, people gave me money, invested in my brand, so I kinda have to put that first. After that Matt moves on to the Super Bowl and having her kids there watching their dad perform on that stage. Can you believe that Gwyneth Paltrow’s first reaction to that is to stress that she didn’t want her children’s perspective being skewed by the experience of having their first football game be that particular football game?!?

While you occupy yourselves being outraged about that, I’ll be over here admiring her skin. This is the best her skin has looked in a long time. And it’s a really good time for that. Because, as you know, she’s promoting her own skincare line.

Interestingly, ahead of her appearance TODAY also posted a flashback video of Gwyneth on the show from 1998. I’ve embedded both the current interview and the old one below. I’ll always appreciate that she’s never messed with her lips.