Gwyneth Paltrow on James Corden last night to promote her book. He teased her a bit during the interview about the pussy steaming and the bee stinging for beauty but, really, the highlight was the piece they did together pretending to be in a new-craze dance class taught by kids.

These kids are SO cute which means you’re already halfway there but then it’s also G’s commitment. When she starts jumping up and down and givin’er at the 40 second mark, she’s cute too! Gwyneth Paltrow! Cute!


Am I just blinded by the outfit? The outfit is cute as f-ck. And she looks really good right now. Really, really good.

Sorry. You need to wash down all that GP positivity with some hate, right? Reviews for her cookbook. Some are surprisingly good. Some are like…and? That’s it? I’ve flipped through it a few times now, and for a book called It’s All Easy, it’s actually kinda terrifying. At least for someone who isn’t an accomplished home cook. If you’re promising “easy”, WHO is it supposed to be “easy” for?

Half the sh-t in some of the recipes I’ve never heard of. And also, I don’t think I have half the kitchen tools required either. Do I need a Vitamix? Like in life? I have a food processor. It was almost $300. If I get a Vitamix does that make my food processor irrelevant? This is the fight Jacek and I have been having. He’s, like, you don’t need a Vitamix, it’s just going to sit there and be expensive and you won’t even use it to its full capabilities. And I’m like, but it’s so shiny and cool and I love watching all the demonstrations!