Coldplay concluded the US leg of their tour in Boston on Monday. Gwyneth was there and Jenn (c/o Mimi) was kind enough to send a few details, with a photo too! Love you!

Gwynnie brought her mom and sat with the Seinfelds, grooving throughout the entire show, jumping up and down, hollering, cheering…very very cute.

But that’s where it ends. The orgasm killer.

First – why is my Gwyneth not in a private box getting a pedicure during the concert? Why is she mingling with civilians? In such close range of those not worthy to breathe her rarified air?

Next – our favourite snot was apparently super sweet to everyone around her. Like no cut eye. Like no judging fat people and those who can’t afford Tod’s. WTF?

Finally – my best friend actually wept during every slow song. Fat tears falling down her face, filled with love and admiration watching her husband perform.


Where the f*ck is my Gwyneth?

Seriously. Girl to girl. That kind of Rossum is not right. Not from her. Never from her.

She better make up for this soon by releasing a statement about Coach being too “common”. Or some sh*t like that. Otherwise, I don’t know how to deal.

Oh and Gisele Bundchen was there too. Chris Martin shouted her out and she was on the phone at the time, trying to hide her face. Was G in Boston solely for Coldplay? Or is G in Boston for training camp?

Here are a few photos of Brady at camp last week. I like the one with Randy Moss who looks like the most well behaved child these days next to Brett Favre. Snort.

For more of the Patriots at camp click here.