The Kit has a new interview with Gwyneth Paltrow. It took place a few months ago, just weeks before the “conscious uncoupling”. She talks about her relationship with Apple, about how Apple is into clothing and makeup. She also talks about acting, how it’s become her side job now because it’s too time-consuming and that mainly she’s a business woman now, running a thriving company.


You heard that GOOP isn’t doing well, right?

That’s not how sees it…hater!

“My books are No. 1 New York Times best sellers, my website is growing every day and is very successful. If people who know me and love me have a criticism, then I really want to hear it. But if not, it’s just a projection, like I’m a screen, and it’s not about me, so I don’t absorb it.”

Most of us have inside thoughts that we know we can’t say out loud, especially when we feel defensive. Like at work, if some asshole is fronting like no one else works harder than he does and he’s the reason your department is doing well, you have to restrain yourself from showing him your time card and the email that your boss sent you, telling you that your productivity numbers are the highest.

Even when the other person is being a dickhead, you’d get called out more for boasting. For being That Person. And then there are the Gwyneth Paltrows of the world who either can’t hear themselves or just don’t give a sh-t. If you tell them that they suck, they would actually reply out loud that “I’m thinner and richer so… I win”.

That’s basically what she’s doing here.

What’s winning? Well, dinner reservations, for starters:

“The best thing about being a well-known person is the connections you are able to make. I was able to start my website and have access to amazing people and information. It’s like being able to call a restaurant and saying, ‘I know you’re full, but is there any way you could squeeze me in?’ and nine times out of 10 they do. That’s worth a lot of harassment.”

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