Rob Lowe received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. He could have received it 20 years ago and he would still look exactly the same, what is the secret, seriously!?!

If you’re a millennial you might not understand what Rob Lowe means to the generation that came before you but for those of you who did grow up in the Brat Pack era, I know you know and you remember – in many ways, Rob Lowe and crew were our introduction to pop culture, teen angst, and class. Didn’t The Outsiders teach us about sh-tty circumstance, ephemeral youth, and lost innocence? Not sure if I would have ever known Robert Frost’s Nothing Gold Can Stay if not for that movie. Although, well, Rob’s face would appear to defy that poem.

And then there’s St Elmo’s Fire. As much as the critics hated it, and still do, and even though most of us watched it at a time when we had no f-cking idea what adolescent to adult transition actually means, I refuse to see that movie with a revisionist perspective, simply because we’ve all tried desperately to resist change in our relationships, especially when they change because we’re starting to become different people.

St Elmo’s Fire is Gwyneth Paltrow’s favourite movie. At least that’s what she said yesterday during Rob’s ceremony. And of course they worked together on View From The Top, a Gwyneth Paltrow project that not even I can defend. She was totally miscast. Look at her. Does she look like she could ever be called “Donna”?

Click here to watch Rob and Gwyneth’s remarks at the event yesterday.


Pre-ceremony hug with the Great @GwynethPaltrow #HollywoodWalkofFame

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